If you are planning on flying with Fido on Qatar Airways, you will be happy to know that the airline has made it very easy to accommodate your best friend. The new guidelines for traveling with pets have been streamlined in order to make travel easier and less stressful for both you and your dog at Qatar airways dog policy. Now, all you need to do is follow these simple steps to get the green light from the airline so that you can fly stress-free with your pet on Qatar Airways!


Why bring your pet on a flight?

The latest development in Qatar Airways Pet Policy is that pets can now be Qatar booking for travel as part of your main ticket. Which means, if you have booked a ticket for yourself, you can also book a flight Qatar airways ticket for your pet. If flying economy isn’t good enough for you or your family members, why not upgrade them to business class? Not only will they enjoy their extra space and top-notch comfort, but thanks to pet policy Qatar airways  they may even get their own seat! For peace of mind and better enjoyment during Qatar flight, book any member of your family into business class with Qatar Airways and make every moment count! You never know what interesting behaviors animals will show on board so don’t miss out on seeing how much fun they’ll have.


How to book your pet online.

Qatar Airways Flight has a great feature on their Qatar Airways website that makes it easy to book and pay for your pet flight. You simply go to their Qatar Airways ticket booking page, select your travel dates, and then click add passenger. The site will ask you if you're traveling with an infant under 24 months or an infant over 24 months. You then indicate whether or not you are traveling with pets, and whether they are flying in the cabin or as checked Qatar airways baggage. Qatar Flight then asks what type of pet you have (cat, dog) and asks for information about your pet such as its name, breed, age and weight.


What kind of carrier should you use?

Airlines used to not have great policies for traveling with pets, but now most major carriers offer options for traveling with Qatar airways animals policy. Qatar Airlines are well known for offering top of line pet-travel services on long and short flights. After you book your flight, Qatar Airway’s will send you a travel package in advance that includes all important travel information regarding flying with pets, from specific instructions on how to pack a pet carrier to special instructions about meeting at Doha International Airport (DOH). Learn more about what should go into your airline travel kit by visiting DOH’s Qatar airways official website before you fly!


Going through Security and Customs at the airport

When flying, passengers are required to arrive at their departure airport several hours before scheduled departure. For example, if your flight is at 10am and you need to Qatar check in at least three hours before, then you should arrive at the airport at 7am for Qatar airways flight check-in. The exact time varies by location and airline but 3-4 hours is a good starting point. Once you have checked in with an airline representative, go through security and customs. Qatar Airways also recommends bringing items you’ll need during your flight such as headphones or chargers as a part of your carry-on luggage as checked bags will not be accepted during security screening. It may sound simple but it can be stressful.


Tips on what to do at the airport.

Once you’ve secured your dog a spot on Qatar Airlines, here are some guidelines for what to do at and around Doha International Airport. You will want to get through customs as quickly as possible. You are not permitted to carry-on pets or non-human animals, so you won’t have much time before you must leave your furry friend in Qatar Airway’s capable hands. To make things easier, take advantage of Qatar Airway’s pet transfer service. All you need to do is provide them with your flight information and they will meet you outside customs and assist your pet throughout their transit in Qatar.


Safety during take off, landing, turbulence and emergency situations

Traveling can be a traumatic experience for your pet. It’s recommended that all animals travel in a carrier during take off, landing and turbulence. If an animal is not traveling in a carrier, he/she must be harnessed or leashed to remain seated in an owner’s lap at all times during flight. Additionally, it is Qatar Airways policy that animals are not permitted on your lap while traveling or in-cabin during take off and landing even if they are harnessed or leashed. During periods of turbulence or emergency situations passengers must immediately restrain any unrestrained pets. Proper restraints (e.g., muzzle, harness) should be used if there is any concern about danger to other passengers during takeoff, landing and turbulence phases of flight.


How will you know if your pet needs water or medical care?

If your pet is in need of water, he will likely begin to whine and pant or salivate excessively. If his tongue hangs out and he has a glassy look in his eyes, it's a sure sign that he's dehydrated. If you notice your pet having trouble breathing, swelling around his eyes or face or difficulty walking, seek immediate medical attention from a local veterinarian before flying with him. While Qatar Airways plane does not allow pets to travel on long-haul flights (more than nine hours), passengers are permitted to bring them on flights less than nine hours as long as they are healthy enough for air travel. You must also ensure that your dog or cat is accompanied by all proper documentation; you can get forms for health certificates at an embassy near you.


Where can you buy water and snacks for your pet?

The website for Qatar Airways  outlines all of its pet policies, including information on bringing snacks and water for your pet. You can also call Qatar Airways Customer Service +1-888-415-0393 to speak to an agent, who can help answer any questions you may have. If you're flying internationally (or domestically to an airport that's more than three hours from your final destination), you'll need a passport for your dog as well as a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel and proof of rabies inoculation. You should also expect to pay fees associated with bringing a pet on board Qatar Airlines Deals; nonrefundable fees start at $200 for flights under 6 hours long and increase based on distance traveled.


Frequently asked questions by pet owners before they fly with Qatar Airways International Flights.

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