‘Work from home’ has become a norm since the start of the pandemic. Research shows that the work environment plays a vital role in our engagement, productivity, and creativity at work. So even if we are working from home, setting up the right environment is a current dire need because putting your laptop in any sloppy corner of the room wouldn’t be the right move to make. Building an office at home is not an easy task. It requires an understanding to choose a design that caters to all the external factors including space, positioning, light, comfort, etc., to ensure optimal flow of work energy.  In case you are planning to build yourself a calm and functional home office, here are a few tips by the top Architects of Lahore, which can help you in the process:

A Proper Work Desk

The first feature to work towards when designing a home office is the type of desk to invest in and its placement in the room. Since the desk is the most functional surface of the office, its selection should reflect an understanding of the nature of work that will be performed on the desk and what specific features are required in the design, for example the number of drawers added to the desk, the thickness of the countertop, the mobility in design, the height of the table, etc. Office tables are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, the material used, and the pricing. Some companies even offer to build customized work desks to satisfy the individual requirement of the clients. Another major aspect of having a proper work desk is its correct placement. Wrong placement of the desk can cause hindrance in work, affecting the overall productivity. For example, a bad angle across the window can create a glaring view, or facing a wall can be boring and unpleasant.  So when setting up the desk, make sure that not just the design but the angle of placement is also given importance.

Add More Light

Lighting has the strongest impact on our mood and energy levels. Research highlights the fact that an environment that experiences an ample amount of natural light impacts workers’ happiness, productivity, and mental wellbeing. When setting up a functional office at home that gives a calming vibe, make sure that the element of adequate lighting is not ignored. Daylight induces mental and visual stimulation in our bodies that are important for maintaining stress levels by releasing cortisol and regulating circadian rhythms. You can easily ensure more light in the office by placing the table at an angle that receives direct daylight or by keeping windows open and free from blinds. Best Interior Designers in Pakistan also use artificial lighting along with natural light to ensure proper lighting zones in the room. For example, to enhance the lighting in the room, you can place a table lamp on the office desk or have bright high mounted ceiling lights to provide a uniform luminosity. The idea of using a combination of lights is to ensure that no shadows or grey spots are interrupting the workflow.

Make it Comfortable

An office is a place where we spend a lot of time. Sometimes even more time than we spend at home or with our families. Taking that into account, when designing a work from the home office, ensuring full comfort is very important. The office coming home might sound like a soothing idea but the pressure of performance, and productivity of the job would remain as it was before. Different people associate comfort in different manners so make sure that when setting up your own office, you add in all the items that make you feel comfortable while working. For example, people like to enjoy comfortable seating and opt for ergonomic chairs, which when paired up with a relaxing cushion can uplift the whole mood. Or maybe you can also invest in air conditioners to make sure that the indoor temperature is maintained and ideal for productivity during severe weather conditions. There are multiple ways other to help incorporate comfort in working spaces and enjoy a relaxing vibe. Surf around and make some comforting choices.

Bring in the Greens

When we think about serenity, being around nature is something everybody connects with. In the current times, we are always surrounded by screens, and functioning from home makes it stressful to juggle both the worlds and maintain work efficiency simultaneously. However, with indoor greenery and its freshness, the exhausting technological aura of offices can be nullified with ease. It is quite simple to add plants to the work setup. For example, a simple desk plant would be enough to help you feel closer to nature and radiate a calming vibe. Or you could place a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on the side table that will not just add to the aesthetic appeal but will also enhance the natural element in the room. Otherwise, Pakistani Interior Designers also use indoor plants, like rubber plants, Aloe Vera, or even cactus, potted in basic monochrome planters to help build a spring fresh environment.  Let nature absorb all the work stress and fill you in with peace.

Use Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that has a direct influence on work motivation, feeling satisfied and productive. The smell is something we associate places and experiences with. Try thinking about your office and immediately you will be thinking of a smell that you associate with the office like the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the specific scent of the air freshener used there. The way our mind responds to certain scents helps us feel relaxed and this is what aromatherapy is all about, reaching a state of peace with aromas. So when you are all set to work from home, don’t forget to experiment with aromatherapy and surround yourself with scents that emanate positive energy and make you feel happy. The easiest way to do this is by using scented candles. Yes, that is right. It is that simple. Scented candles are easily available in the market these days and stores offer a wide range of scents to choose from. Some stores even specialize in scented candles and so finding a scent that you connect with will not be difficult. With a simple lighted wick, you can experience quietude.

Smart Storage

Space and placement are important decisions to make when setting up a working place. The offices that are built for working are designed in a manner that allows easy storage and organization systems. But when working from home, individual attention has to be given to the aspect of storage and using suitable organizing methods. If a workspace is cluttered and not clean enough to function then it will not only decrease the levels of motivation and productivity but also causes loss of information, misplaced documents, and increased stress levels. To have a calm and functioning workplace at home, make sure that it is always clean, everything is in its place and there is no chaotic jumble of things lying around. Interior Designer in Lahore creates different mini stations to stay organized, including a printing station to organize all the printed documents, a mail station to monitor all the documents coming into the home office and going out, and small mobile storage cabinets that allow for all the extra stationery and supplies to be organized properly. These are some easy options that are budget-friendly and are very convenient to keep out all the chaos.

The bottom line is that when we tend to spend larger chunks of the week, working from home, the place should be designed and equipped in a way that offers smooth functionality. The tips listed above are tried and tested by top Architects of Lahore and will help you design a calming and functional workplace at home.