Nothing gets bigger than a summer time update; at least for Animal Crossing: New Horizons this time. The new summer timeAnimal Crossing Items  update will allow players to swim donning wetsuits. The island will have more moderen creatures underwater that players can seize, and alternate if needed. There are forty sea creatures you may catch in general. The new creatures are classified as “Sea Creatures” in the Critterpedia. If you show up to capture a creature, you could donate it to the museum by handing it over to Blathers.

To find the ocean creatures you’ll want to dive underwater. As referred to in advance, you do need a wetsuit for that, that's to be had for purchase inside the cupboard. The wetsuits are to be had for 3000 Bells. You also can use the Nook Miles to pay for them. Once you've got the fit your needs simply want to run as much as the water and Press A to go into and to dive press Y.

Once you attain underwater, look for bubble columns or shadows. The shadows can be in movement, so gamers will need to chase or comply with to capture the creature. Now, a larger bubble column or a larger shadow tips at a bigger creature. The size varies according to the size of the creatures.

Different creatures will fetch you distinct costs. But, in case you are looking for the massive ones, preserve a watch out for theBuy Animal Crossing Items  Gigas Giant Clam, Giant Isopod, Red King Crab, Vampire Squid, and Sea Pig.