Custom Printed Rigid Boxes that can help you and your business

When it comes to shipping, custom printed rigid boxes are a great choice. These boxes offer a variety of benefits, including optimum returns. They can be manufactured with a variety of materials and include a magnetic closing lid, die-cut foam inserts, and more. If you're in the market for custom boxes, you can learn more about these options here. After reading this article, you'll be well on your way to creating a product that will stand out from the rest.

Ideal Custom Boxes

If you need a box customized for your business, you've come to the right place. Ideal Custom Boxes offers custom printed rigid boxes at wholesale prices. You can choose from a variety of materials and styles, including premium-quality inkjet printing and digital printing. Their premium-quality printing is both attractive and durable, and you can choose a style that's both discreet and eye-catching. You can also customize the box's interior to include a special lamination effect, as well as add other features for an aesthetically pleasing look.

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When you order custom rigid boxes, you will want to use a sturdy material, such as greyboard. This material is composed of recycled fibers and comes in various sizes. There are two common types of greyboard: chipboard and greyboard. Chipboard is usually more expensive than greyboard, and it costs about 850-1000USD per ton. Greyboard is a better choice if you're looking to print your design on the exterior, and is a great option for packaging.

Die-cut foam inserts

If you're looking for a way to protect fragile or delicate products, you should look into die-cut foam inserts for rigid boxes. Custom rigid boxes can make your brand image stand out and boost your sales. The die-cut foam inserts are available in two layers - an upper layer of fivemm foam and a bottom layer of twelve foam. Custom-cut foam is more durable than printed paper and cannot be repositioned.

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Magnetic Closing Lid

When a magnetic-fit lid is the only option, you can easily secure your products inside the package. Magnetic closure boxes are also great for product-presentation purposes. They can be printed with a variety of finishes and offer a secure closure. Full-color digital printing adds an additional touch to the design and is a great way to compliment your branding efforts. Full-color magnetic closure boxes can showcase bold graphics and high-resolution photos. They are a great choice for giveaways during events and are also a great option for retail-ready packaging.

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When it comes to the printing process of custom Rigid boxes, you have a number of options to choose from. Premium quality inks are used to create the highest-quality images and logos that stand out against the background. This type of printing has a gloss or matte finish that will give your custom boxes a smooth, sleek appearance. Custom rigid boxes can also be laminated, which allows for a variety of printing options, including foiling and embossing.


When it comes to packaging products, rigid boxes can do wonders. These boxes are extremely versatile and make great gift packages. They're perfect for packaging photographic prints, corporate presentations, and retail products. They create exceptional value and brand recognition. Here are some tips for using design templates to make your boxes more appealing to customers. Here are a few of the reasons to use these boxes. Let's get started! How to Design Templates for Custom Rigid Boxes


When you're launching a product, you're likely to want it to look its best. You don't want to make a costly mistake by using substandard packaging. For example, if your product is a diamond engagement ring, you'll probably want it to come in a custom rigid box to match. And if you're launching a small-scale trial for a new drug, you may want to consider rigid packaging if you want to grab the attention of potential customers at trade shows. After all, your competitors probably need the same thing, so you don't want to lose business with them. You should choose custom Boxes in USA fort enhance your business power.

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