If anyone questions as to whether AmbitionBox would play a role in building the online reputation of your brand/business, or any business for that matter; the answer would be a definite YES.But, every coin has two sides; and talking about a powerful platform like Ambitionbox, your presence on it could either go in your favor or against you. It all depends on what people are talking about you/your brand on this evaluation platform. Especially, when we are living in this digital age.  


·         Why AmbitionBox?

 Ambitionbox serves to be a platform that hosts all the information that a user/client would require to form an opinion and evaluate a particular brand/business/company. In fact, that’s what majority of them out there are referring to, before associating with a particular company.After all, “We feel no company out there is solving the problem with the same resolve, depth, and breadth as we do is what they boast of. That makes it clear as to what kind of reputation one needs to have and maintain on a platform like Ambitionbox

Impact of Having a Negative Reputation on AmbitionBox:

     Here are some of the things that a brand could loose on, for having a negative image on this platform.   

1. Extensive audience:

When talking about AmbitionBox, you must be aware that “it is about an audience in excess of 25 lac users/month!”Can you afford losing out to such a large audience? THINK!It straightaway means loss of business or losing out on talented resources, or both. 

2. Trustworthiness:

When it is about 20 lac & increasing reviews already on the website, it is nothing but trust. So, having a positive presence and online reputation on a trustworthy platform such as this implies that people would automatically start to trust your brand. On the other hand, a negative image would mean loss of trust.It’s all about your choice. 

3. Dedicated sections for parameters like salary, interviews, salary calculator and benefits:

A positive feedback on these vital parameters from individuals means a ton of good for your brand. Just imagine how good it can do for your reputation. However, even a single negative feedback can literally ruin your online reputation. Negative reviews on any of these core aspects that too on a platform like Ambitionbox would hit hard exactly where you don’t wish to get hurt. 

4. Aiding individuals in taking informed decisions:

It won’t be wrong to say that reviews are the direct reflection of what’s happening behind the curtains. While positive ones would result into various individuals taking decisions in your favour, negative/hate oriented reviews on such platforms are the ones that could lead to people not going for your brand/company/business. Therefore, if you want that more and more individuals opt for your brand, it is necessary that a positive presence on a platform like AmbitionBox is there. 

5. Credibility:

With a name like AmbitionBox, one can say that there is no place for vague things. Everything is facts, data and information based. One that would aid anybody to come to an informed decision. Now, 2 million thank you notes to their credit means credibility for your brand as well. So, a negative image over here definitely means loss of credibility. 

6. Rating:

AmbitionBox permits visitors to rate your brand/business/company on a range of parameters such as company culture, work satisfaction, work-life balance, job security, salary, benefits etc. A good rating would straightaway give a boost to your brand. Just like the popular practice of checking the ratings before purchasing any product, majority are known to go for the ratings before approaching any business/brand/company.  

All of this would end up affecting the profit loss equation and thus the growth of a brand in the end. That’s because a hampered reputation would affect any business in multiple ways, and have an effect on financial aspects like revenue generation, loss incurred etc.  

Thus, it all boils down to the online reputation management of your brand/business. In case of AmbitionBox, it needs to be handled with expertise. At IBRANDtech, we can help you with it, in the most professional way. Here’s what we can do for you…..        

  • Get rid of the negative reviews/other hateful content
  • Boost your ratings to 4.1 and above
  • Increase traffic through online reputation management etc.

 With IBRANDtech’s dedicated services, now build/restore, manage and enhance your online reputation on AmbitionBox.



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