Lost Ark is a highly expected game that has grabbed the attention of players since its launch on Western servers. Many players spend a lot of energy in the game, and some players choose to buy Lost Ark Gold in order to save time.

Lost Ark has more freedom and creativity in building and careers. Players can choose their own classes according to their preferences, and spend Lost Ark Gold and time grinding to get better character builds.

Glaivier first launched in April. It is one of the warrior professions in the game. This class has two unique skill sets, each based on pose, focus pose and flurry pose. These poses are accessible with each of her two weapons, the spear and the warglaive. Players will need to take advantage of them and find a balance between stance and weapons to get the best out of Glaivier.

Like any class in these games, Glaivier has its own strengths and weaknesses, one of which is that skills often provide high movement speed and mobility. Her high attack speed matches movement speed, making it easier to kill any unit. The weakness is that Glaivier doesn’t have any support skills to speak of and needs the protection and support of allies to survive.

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